Tribal women bottle painting

Saw des african tribal paintings on d walls of kaneri math kolhapur museum N tried dis on bottle#bottlepainting🎨


Tiny Gudi

Posting dis small #gudi on occasion of #gudipadwa.Gudi Padwa is a popular festival celebrated in Maharashtra and the Konkan region. Gudi Padwa is the beginning of a New Year. This day is also celebrated as new year by people of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh as Ugadi. गुडीपाडव्याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!🤗#happygudipadwa



Diwali the festival of lights that brings in good spirits and happiness all around. I didn’t  got time to post diya craft on diwali because i was busy so im posting now so you can use this idea next year.So here in pics i have some old diyas which i have painted and used it again.With some acrylic colors,rhine and kundan stones.All you have to do is clean out all dust from them and wash it with little water and keep them to dry in sun.After this start painting with your know designs,art.

See above diyas after painting and these pretty and beautiful diyas can be used to enhance Diwali decorations like on the steps and around rangolis.#resuse#makeoldonenew#diyacrafting#bringthebestoutofwaste#ecofriendly#nomoney#crafting#homedecordiyas.


One of the most popular craft materials is environmentally friendly felt.Making best out of waste and moving one step forward for saving environment.

Do you have a old cd’s/dvd’s  in your house, just lying around, eating dust,getting cracks on them ,waiting for there turn to get in dustbin.Well what if they could be of something more useful. Help in developing  creative things,home decor and teach about recycling.

So,in picture i have made rickshawcycle.You can use it from both sides as i have painted  on both sides with different colors one is in purple and other is in green.For this simple waste material craft activity, you are gonna need a cd’s/dvd’s , waste box, icecream sticks  and some acrylic colors.No money,best quality, and most important  eco friendly,recycled craft,go green.And try this  craft.


Best out of waste:Go green

Craft projects do not have to only be about craft that is completed,it can also be other subjects like,eco friendly ideas,that teach the importance of environment .The Craft and Art can become expensive because of materials that is used,One way to save money with craft projects is bring in items from around the house that we do not use anymore.Anything can be made into craft from shoestrings to empty paper towel rolls.Like as shown in pic,the craft which i made is rickshaw cycle.I have used light series cover for tyres of cycle. The series was wrapped around this around shaped tyres like material .And i have used Colgate brush stand as basket,ice cream sticks and thats it,with some colors my cycle is ready .

So there are  many ways to make craft out of waste or useless material at home.Go for eco friendly environment.